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Carpet Patching

If you’re looking to repair that rip or tear in your carpet, contact the certified professionals at Carpet Repair Service. With surgical precision we will restore your carpet in ways you never thought imaginable. Call us at (614) 403-5761 to speak to a representative today!

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Are You in Need of Some Heavy-Duty Carpet Care?

If the carpet on your stairs or in your living room has been damaged by reckless contractors, a cigarette burn, water damage, or something similar, you’re probably looking for a company who can repair that carpet without hassle and for an affordable price.

In the past, finding the right contractor to help you out was easier said than done. These days, however, homeowners near and far know all they have to do when they encounter carpet damage is to call us. No matter the damage or type of carpet you have, we are the carpet repair company you can count on.

Would you like to hear more about our patching services? All you have to do is call us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Carpet Patch Repair: Don’t Let Anyone Ever Tell You Your Carpet Is Beyond Repair

Sometimes when there is an impossible-to-remove stain, burn mark, or unsightly rip in a carpet, people will tell you it is beyond repair. They’ll say that if you do not have additional pieces of the same carpet, you cannot patch it.

At Carpet Repair Service, we disagree. We started this business because we believe no carpet is beyond saving, and we’ve stayed in business because we’ve put that belief to the test time and time again with stunning success.

Our Carpeting Services Are the Cost-Effective Approach to Carpet Care

With our services, you save money at every turn. For starters, you’ll never have to fully replace your beloved carpet if you don’t want to. Secondly, we provide free no-obligation consultations and also offer free quotes for all our services.

Which Carpet Repair Company Is Willing to Work Around Your Busy Schedule?

We see it as our job to make your life less complicated, not more complicated. That is why we offer flexible scheduling options for all our repair services. Here, we will always work around your busy schedule.

What’s more, we will always be courteous and professional on your property. We also provide post-work cleanup services.

The Carpet Company Who Can Find a Patch for Any Color Carpet

Whether or not you have extra pieces of your original carpet in storage, we will repair it. We have even had great success in finding matching patches for unique carpets. Clients who have been unsure of our abilities to restore their rugs to their former glory have been astonished in our ability to repair their rugs.

Call Us for Precise and Professional Carpet Patch Repair

It doesn’t matter whether the extent of your carpet damages is major or minor because at Carpet Repair Service we make quick and easy work of repairing even the most extensive damages. Call us at (614) 403-5761 today.